Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Spring Workout Fever...Catch it!

The worst of winter is behind us, right? 
Despite a few cold spells and showers, I love this time of year!  My energy level feeds naturally revved up with the prospects of spring skiing, running, and pondering the possibilities of summer plans for adventure.
So this month (March) I'm even more excited to continue to teach my outdoor bootcamps at Golden Gardens and Phinney Ridge. We've already experienced some profoundly gorgeous days at the beach and working out on the ridge as the sun rises is always a treat. If the beauty and 'fresh air' isn't enough reason for you to get out and join us for bootcamp, here are some more reasons why I choose to exercise outdoors:

me,celebrating a hike near Glacier Peak

1. Fresh air and sunlight enhances your mood. Sure it is gray and dreary often in Seattle, but honestly its only been a rare few times in the last year of teaching bootcamp that we've had to seek shelter. Small studies have proven that people had lower levels of cortisol (the stress hormone), after exerting themselves outside as compared with inside. Check out this NY Times article for more info. Additionally the affects of just being in a green space can lower stress and boost self esteem. Plus its just more beautiful and more interesting!

2. Get a better over-all, more practical workout. Case in point- if your training for an outdoor event; you need to train outdoors. Follow the specificity principle! Studies have also concluded that you burn more calories working out 'in the elements'. Exercising in the great outdoors can be more challenging both because of the varying terrain and the with that more muscle groups get recruited. It's also landscape vs. human kinetics. Keep in mind that its important to work with the weather. So plan to dress for the climate and be prepared.

3. Creative camaraderie. Group fitness outdoors gives us a special incentive. Perhaps it inspires a healthy competition with others and yourself. We never know what exactly we're gonna get, but we will experience it together. Whether it be running full force in the sand at the beach while gazing at the wise and gnarled trees, or conquering the playground circuit. Together well scale rocks, logs, bike racks, stairs, and hills. The take away seems to be that moving routines outside could help reluctant or inconsistent exercisers.
on the dock @ Greenlake

I'm thrilled to be teaching this, because:
A. It's been a 100% positive experience this past full year of becoming an instructor
B. Our 'people' give so much positive feedback that they are feeling good and getting results 
C. The more I teach the more I enjoy it.  Truthfully, I knew it was a likely good fit for me the moment I heard about what Ivonne, my fellow co-worker at the Ballard Health Club (and owner of Fresh Air Fitness) was doing, but I was a bit sheepish about teaching group-fit since I'm naturally introverted and haven't had much experience apart from one-on-one training. I pictured having to be a real 'Drill Sargent' type, which is so not me! However, I've come to really look forward to 'playing instructor'. There's more energy gained from groups and the variety of clients and personalities we have keeps it fun and challenging. I look forward to 'conjuring up' new routines each class and thinking trough all the modifications and potential advancements.

Join us for Fresh Air Fitness Bootcamps. We specialize in strength-building, calorie burning, energy boosting, killer views, and fun!

Currently every Saturday at 8am at Golden Gardens; Mondays and Wednesday at 9:45am, and every Tuesday & Thursday at 6am at the Phinney Neighborhood Center + STAY TUNED for new evening classes in April. For more info please check out our new website.

Whatever you embark on this spring- feel invigorated and inspired by nature!