Monday, January 21, 2013

Inauguration of Fit Studio AB

Welcome to my virtual gym!  
Besides being a garden designer with tendencies to morph into more of a studio artist, I’m also very much an outdoor enthusiast that thoroughly enjoys the fitness challenges of endurance activities such as long distance cycling, ultra-trail running, and all types of snow skiing.   
Since moving to Seattle over ten years ago I have successfully completed training programs and finished strong in several local cycling and running events.  After being laid off from a design firm back in 2009 and subsequently enduring a break-up, I found myself finding refuge in long lonely runs, hikes, or even just spending time working out and practicing yoga at my neighborhood gym.  It was then I really felt the power of exercise to heal emotional wounds, dissolve stress, and build confidence.  Then it dawned on me that I had felt this way before.  When I was thirteen I underwent major reconstructive spine surgery to correct my severe scoliosis.  Four of my thoracic vertebrae were reset and fused.  To this day I feel very fortunate that I am now, after nearly twenty-five years feeling strong & fit. 
I didn’t always feel this way however.  I grew up as a teenager extremely self conscious (as most girls are), compound that with being introverted, and having to wear a back brace.  Suffice to say I could not participate in any sports of any kind and by the time I was out of the brace I didn't want to try to 'catch up' physically so I was more of less sedentary until I went to college.  That is something that typically surprises people to learn; then sometime I show them the scar.  I suppose this is what in essence has made me ‘me.’  I grew up feeling very bashful and ultra body conscious and went through a long period of complete immobility….all of which has rendered me stronger both in character and body in the end (I believe).  I never take it for granted- the ability to move, to work your body, to feel healthy.  Every day we get that chance! 
After the positive experience of being a personal trainer at the Ballard Health Club, I now look forward to branching out to independently teach and encouraging others to set healthy goals, train efficiently, and prevent injury so that they may enjoy the rewarding experience of outdoor adventure as much as I do.  

I'm happy to announce that I am currently team teach boot-camp group fitness classes at the Phinney neighborhood association (community center) via Fresh Air Fitness and will be once again offering four more ski-conditioning workshops at this local boutique studio in Ballard.  Come on out if you're curious!  The first class is always complimentary.  
In addition to group fitness I will begin individual personal training sessions beginning in February.  Please feel free to contact me for more information.  

For more details and upcoming haps and new classes…stay tuned!  Or if you have a great idea for a class or group workshop, please drop me a message, or come on out and try a casual fun run every Wednesday night with the Ballard AreaRunners (aka BAR!)