Tuesday, January 21, 2014

ready to RUN?

As the days get longer, the earth grows warmer, and I am looking forward to stepping it up in the running department.  I now have an established schedule:  Mondays- solo runs (with dog), including some trails.  Wednesdays- group run with 'BAR'- Ballard Area Runners at 6:30 PM. Saturdays-  long solo trail OR group run from Discovery park.  On the weekends I find the best time is either after my 8AM class at Golden Gardens (every other week I teach) or at 8:30 meeting with a group at the Seven Hills running shop in Magnolia.  Do you have a plan for your running goals in 2014?  If so what is it and what is your goal?  So far I only have the Mercer Island Half Marathon in my cue.  
thanks to Phil @ 7 Hills, I got the kicks to run through March

this is the view during your workout!
Come out and meet me us at BAR.  We will run every Wednesday night until the end of March. Or, if you runners can't make it to BAR, please come out to Golden Gardens and cross-train with me and the Fresh Air Fitness crew on Saturday mornings at 8am!  It's a beautiful place to workout.  Ivonne and I work hard to make the routines effective, fresh, and FUN!  
Or join us at Phinney- still going strong, dark, and early at 6am! 

ahh...nothing like the burn of pistol squats in the morning!

what time is it?....its TABATA time of course!

I'm also working on a personal 'diet plan'. More of a lifestyle change. This is proving to be the most difficult piece of my puzzle.  So far I've found the most sensible guidance to be the 'Blood Sugar Solution Book' by Dr. Mark Hyman; brought to my attention by one of my personal training clients.  The basics (for me personally) are to avoid all gluten, dairy, sugar, and processed foods.  
This is tough stuff!  Especially given that more I run, the hungrier I get; typically.  It is definitely a matter of choice, timing, and portion control.  In the nutrition world there are good options and there are better, bad choices.  Then there is the elimination of empty and even toxic calories.  I'm trying, really trying.  I think its working?! I'm giving it 6-weeks.  I'll likely go insane, but at least I'll feel really good and drop a few.  
This winter less = more! 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

H A P P Y N E W Y E A R !

So you're ready to plunge into working on your fitness resolutions, right?! 

Golden Gardens on a winter morning
There are plenty of options for helping you achieve your fitness goals out there.  The most important thing is to find what works for you.  Perhaps group fitness is more motivating? There are now two new classes on our bootcamp schedule:  8 AM Saturdays @ Golden Gardens, AND 9:45 AM Monday & Wednesdays.  Come on out to the 'kick-off' on Saturday, January 4th for a FREE TRIAL class!  Ivonne and I have been working hard, both scoping out the park for new fun moves, and posting the news around the neighborhood.  Please come check it out, bring your friends, and spread the word too.  Do something positive for your health and enjoy nature's beauty and all that Fresh northwestern Air!  Visit the new Seattle Fresh Air Fitness website for more details.  
In addition to the new class times and locale, we still offer the 6AM  for all you early birdies @ Phinney Neighborhood center every Tuesday and Thursday. 
Our fabulous flyer!
What else is shakin' up for 2014?  Hopefully more personal training!  I'm very much enjoying the positive energy that comes from helping people be healthy and the challenge aspect of learning new moves and creating fun, fresh routines.  I currently offer individual personal training sessions for the reasonable of $45 per hour.  There are discounts available for two-person 'buddy' sessions, and pre-paid package rates as well.  Take advantage of my flexible schedule this winter.  Please contact me for a complimentary 'meet & greet' to find out more! 

Besides that, I'm just really looking forward to helping out more folks meet their in 2014.  Since I've signed up for the Mercer Island Half Marathon in March, I'm going to step it up with the running. So if you're with me and have set sights on running goals too, please join my local running group, BAR (Ballard Area Runners).  We meet every Thursday at 6:30pm @ Bergen Place in Ballard.  Look for new postings soon!  

Cheers to the new you!