Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Yo! What up?  This is 'Dre'!  I'm super stoked to announce that there will be an open house happening on Saturday, March 23rd from 10-noon.  This is the place I've been training folks...i.e. a boutique training studio!  This new, 'neato' back-yard gym in the heart of Ballard is owned and operated by my friend and fellow fitness junkie + guru, Aeron Hansen.  She is an amazing, gracious, AND fit-as-a fiddle mom. Together we are co-hosting and invite you to stop by.  Come check out the studio and find out more about what we have in store for our upcoming spring & summer group workshops. 
Throughout the two hours I will be demonstrating some of my favorite concepts in the fitness industry such as:  tabata, and H.I.I.T., the basics of how to use the TRX system, and myo-fascial release techniques. Volunteer participation is welcome, but not required. Everyone is welcome to observe, enjoy some snacks, and enter to win our drawing for some surprise prizes. Please come on down if you're curious, want to learn a thing or two, or if you are all fired up to get in shape this spring and looking for some new ideas.  We look forward to see you there!  

*Link here for a map and look for the gate off the alley to enter.

Here is a snippet of our current offerings....